Tips on Safe use of Mobile Phones

  • Charge your mobile battery before you leave home
  • Send a text message to your partner, your parents or housemate if you’re going to be out later than expected
  • Store the name and number of a family member or friend in your mobile to be contacted In Case Of Emergencies. Mobile sets have quick dial and emergency numbers features.
  • When driving any four or two wheelers, never use a handheld phone for calls or texting. If you have a passenger, ask him to manage your mobile calls for you. A split second distraction while driving may cost you dearly.
  • Use your phone’s security lock or PIN code
  • Avoid constantly looking at your phone as this can make it a target for thieves
  • Do not leave your phone in your car or out on a table at the café or other public places.
  • Avoid making the phone a target for thieves by being aware of where you use it.
  • Keep your phone out of sight in your pocket or pouch or handbag when not in use
  • Property mark your phone with your brief postal address to help police identify stolen ones
  • Report a lost or stolen phone to the police immediately and give the details like brand name, model and IMEI number which is a unique identifier for the phone; you can obtain this number by typing *#06# into your mobile phone and it will display a 15 digit number. You should preserve this number
  • If you lose your phone, or it is stolen, contact your mobile phone provider and the local police as soon as you can and provide them with IMEI number to help you track the phone.
  • One should take care that the Bluetooth is switched off while not in use to prevent your data from theft
  • Most mobile phones today have cameras and video cams . Never let other people photograph or film you in embarrassing or inappropriate situations (and vice versa). You need to understand your own and others’ privacy rights in sharing photos and videos via cell phones.
  • Photographs/Video clips taken of inappropriate situations may land up in the internet sites or among cell phone users causing social and criminal embarrassment to you.
  • Transmitting/Forwarding any content, which is Obscene/Pornographic is a Punishable Offence
  • Unless you are extremely sure of the identity and integrity of a person, don't allow him to use your mobile phone.
  • If you come to know that your cell phone has been inappropriately used by someone in furtherance of some crime such as giving criminal intimidation, extortion, etc, you should report to the police immediately.
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