Special Branch of Meghalaya Police


  • Collection
    • Political
    • Internal Security
  • Security
  • Intelligence Related Data
  • Foreigner
  • Bomb Disposal

The State Special Branch deals with the collection, collation, dissemination and records of matter of political significance and public importance. It also deals with matters of interest from the security point of view. One of the important functions is to supply promptly to the Government and to the Director General of Police on all matters of political and public importance.

The other functions are; (i) to communicate to the Special Branch of other States information, which is of interest to them; (ii) to communicate to DIGP (Range) and District SPs and other specified officers important information which is of interest to them.

Political Intelligence :

  • Field staff - The State Special Branch has its own field staff to collect information and gather intelligence on all matters of interest to the Special Branch. The distribution of work amongst the field staff is on a territorial basis but for specific and important purpose.
  • There is no demarcation of duties between the State Special Branch field staff and the District Special Branch staff. Generally speaking, field staff of the State SB are responsible for collecting information about secret, underground and subversive activities and matter of importance from the security point of view. It is required particularly to keep abreast of policies, plans and programmes of political parties, other important information and agitators. Also, Special Branch make arrangements to cover all meetings provision, demonstration and speeches which may be of importance from the political or security angle. These are useful sources of information about the aims , objects, plan and preparation of political parties. They provide an index to the nature and extent of public reaction.
  • Agent / Source : The employment of agents/source is a matter of considerable importance for collection of information and gathering of intelligence. While recruiting and maintaining sources, care will have to be taken about their reliability and ability to furnish useful information. Record should be kept of agents who have proved false information and unreliable as a safe guard against their being employed again. The identity of an agent/source and particulars must not be disclosed to anyone and also he should not be exposed on any account.
    • District SPs
    • Quick Response
    • Verbal reporting

Intelligence related to Internal Security :

  • Intelligence related to extremist organization
  • Basic Role of District SPs
  • Engagement of Sources
  • Data related to extremist

Security :

  • Security categorization of VIP
  • Security of Governor, Chief Minister and Home Minister, Secretariat
  • Security of visiting VIPs
  • Guidelines regarding VIP Sec

Bomb Disposal Squad :

FRRO Functions :

The District SP/SP(DSB) is designated as FRRO and under him adequate staff is posted under him along with staff is posted under Inspector as Incharge of Foreigner’s Branch. The function of this branch is to carry out the work of registration of foreigners according to the Foreigner’s Act and Rules. This branch maintained records which contain all essential information about the name and particulars of the foreigner concerned the date of his arrival, the date in which his passport and visa expire, the purpose of his journey, his local address, etc.

Law & Order Assessment Report :

Verification of Antecedents :

Verification of C/A for services, passport and officers/persons employed. The SP (DSB)/Dy.SP(DSB) will depute an officer not below the rank of Sub-Inspector to verify the C/A of the person concern. As this work is of great importance as it involves the security, efficiency and integrity of the service, due care is being taken that verification is done expeditiously. The verification report issued from this office of SP (DSB) is always treated/considered as Provisional Report and the Final Report is issued from the State Special Branch (SB HQ) after carefully and fully scrutinize its owns records.

Coordination Function :

  • The State Special Branch maintained liaison and cooperation with other Intelligence Organisations. Reports and useful information are being exchanged on a reciprocal basis.
  • Such as IB, BSF, Military, Raw.

Priority Function :

  • Talks with ANVC: Monitoring of Truce
  • Building up of Data regarding militant organization
  • Status Notes regarding ANVC, HNLC
  • Rehabilitation of Surrendered HNLC & ANVC
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