Law and Research section

  • Functions of the Law Section :-
    • The Law Sections of the CID shall examine legal and procedural matters arising out of the Police Administration and investigation in the State. All reference on points of law and procedure from the Districts in connection with investigation and prosecution of cases shall be examined here and the Superintendent of Police suitably advised.
    • Whenever Government wants a draft for any legislation on a subject related to Police to be prepared by the Police Department, this work shall be undertaken by this section. Similarly, for preparation of draft rules under any statute relating to police, the matter shall be entrusted to this section.
    • All orders, circulars, and notifications issued by the Police Department shall be maintained up to date in this section for future reference.
    • The section shall also help in drafting such circular of the Director General & Inspector General of Police as has a bearing on legal matters.
    • It shall be the duty of the Law Section to help and advise in the Police work relating to judicial enquiries, departmental enquiries and disciplinary proceedings.
    • This section shall study and examine the Supreme Court and High Court sections coming out in various Law Journals and select such of the decisions for publication in the Criminal Intelligence Gazette, as are of interest to the police as a whole and also for dissemination among the Police Officers.
    • If any legal decision affects any standing orders, rules circulars or provisions of Police Manual, the Law Section shall examine and initiate necessary steps for making such amendments as shall make the provisions of the Manual, etc., conform to the decisions.
    • The Law Section should have well qualified legal experts in the section to assist it in properly and efficiently performing its duties.
  • Research Section –

    The object of this sections of the CID, shall be to study and analyze :-

    • Problems relating to the crime, crime trends and preventive measures.
    • Matters relating to police organization and methods.
    • Ways and means to improve and expedite investigation,.
    • Introduction of new scientific aids and equipments.
    • Social, economic, political or cultural factors in relation to crime.
    • Police and its role in social defence.
    • Specialized types of crime.
    • Law.
  • The Section will also undertakes study on following subjects :-
    • Changing pattern of society and its effect on criminal tendencies of individuals.
    • Legal decisions affecting Police powers and administrations.
    • Prevention of crime and its effectiveness in actual working.
    • Action in regard to bad characters.
    • Use of fire-arms in the commission of offences.
    • Impact of industrialization on crime.

The Section will undertake study of only those problems which are entrusted to it under orders of the Dy. Inspector General of Police, CID, Inspector General of Police, CID, Director General & Inspector General of Police or Government.

The Section will circulate the result of the studies undertaken by it to the District Police, other senior Police Officers for guidance.

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