Ensuring Safety of your home

Residential break and enters are all too common occurrences in most Cities. One fact remains consistent : each home, unless suitably secured, will offer the opportunity for a break, enter and theft to occur. The various points of entry to a home are the potential target areas through which a burglar/thief can gain access to your home and valuables. An opportunistic thief looks for the target offering the least amount of security and resistance to reduce his chances of detection.

Every home owner must take into consideration the weaknesses presented by their home and identify the target areas requiring attention. The following information provides the home owner with basic information about techniques to secure doors and windows. Some require the expertise of a locksmith and others are do-it-yourself methods. Any decision regarding security improvements should be carefully appraised by taking lifestyle, home location, and budget into consideration.

Access Control :

  • A grill at the main entrance and on windows precludes entry of intruders.
  • If you install a through the door viewer with a wide angle lens (180 degree), this will allow you to see the person standing out side of the door.
  • A video-door-bell and surveillance cameras could be of added advantage.

Secure your duplicate keys :

  • Avoid making extra sets of duplicate keys of your house/office/safes.
  • Duplicate keys should never be given to any unknown persons.
  • If you utilize the services of a key maker, please ensure that he has not retained the templates with him.

Verification of Servants :

  • Obtain a photograph, permanent residential address and at least two references before employing a new servant. Contact the references on phone/mail and check up the details given by the prospective servant before employing him.
  • Do not disclose your tour program or appointments to servants or any other person who is not concerned with it.
  • Adequate lighting should be provided around the house/building and the main door.

Accepting Courier Packages :

If a visitor has any package to deliver, please check the authenticity of the courier. Preferably, an adult member from the household should confirm this aspect before permitting the delivery-man inside the house. Children, aged-person & servants should be briefed suitably in this regard.

Repair Works/Plumbing/Electrical fittings/Painting/Hawkers :

  • Repair works, installation of new fittings etc. should be done through a known/reputed agency having regular workers on their establishment.
  • Do not encourage hawkers to enter your society/residential area.

(Courtesy : Maharashtra Police Website)

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