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Office of the Superintendent of Police :: East Jaintia Hills
Khliehriat-793200:: Telephone (STD Code - 03655)

Sr. No. Name Designation Telephone No. (Civil) Mobile
Office Residence
1 Shri Jagpal Singh Dhanoa, IPS SP, East Jaintia Hills,
Fax - 230719
2 Shri B. Jyrwa, MPS Addl. SP,  East Jaintia Hills,
3 Shri Jason Myrom, MPS Dy.SP (HQ),  East Jaintia Hills,
4 Shri B. Bhattacharjee, MPS Dy.SP (Crime),  East Jaintia Hills,
5 Insp. J. R. Dhar RI, Khliehriat     +91-6009942427
6 Insp. S. K. Singh   PI, Khliehriat     +91-9436104035
7 WP Insp. O. Tynkan Officer-in-Charge, Women PS, Khliehriat     +91-7005109853
8 WP Insp. W. P. Nongtdu Officer-in-Charge, Khliehriat PS     +91-7005591709
9 Insp. M. Ch. Sangma Officer-in-Charge, Lumshnong PS     +91-9862746818
10 UBSI A. S. R. Lakiang Officer-in-Charge, Saipung PS     +91-8787647501
11 UBSI S. Buam In-Charge, Umkiang PP     +91-7085809941
12 UBSI C. G Roy In-Charge, Ladrymbai OP     +91-9862091578
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