East Garo Hills District

Office of the Superintendent of Police :: East Garo Hills
Williamnagar-794111 :: Telephone (STD Code - 03658)

Sr. No. Name Designation Telephone No. (Civil) Mobile
Office Residence
1 Shri Bruno A. Sangma, MPS SP, East Garo Hills,
03658-250313   +91-9856088887
2 Shri Anthony Ch. Momin, MPS Dy. SP (Hqr),
East Garo Hills, 



3 Insp. Jagadish Kr. Sinha Reserve/Prosecution Inspector,
East Garo Hills, Williamnagar
4 Insp. Kennedy R. Marak Circle Inspector, Williamnagar     +91-8415862365
5 SI Rikseng M. Sangma Officer-in-Charge
Williamnagar PS
6 SI Sengsram Ch. Marak Officer-in-Charge
Songsak PS
7 SI Biswajit Chanda Officer-in-Charge
Rongjeng PS
8 SI Everest D. Sangma Officer-in-Charge
Chiading PS
9 WPSI Nitu I. Sangma Officer-in-Charge
Williamnagar Women PS
10 SI Starlin Ch. Marak In-Charge, DCRB
SP Office, Willliamnagar
11 Sachidanand Thakur RSI, SP Office, 
12 SI Sujit Bhattacharge In-Charge Traffic Branch
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