2nd Meghalaya Police Battalion, Goeragre, Tura

The 2nd Meghalaya Police Battalion is situated at Goeragre, about 13 Kms from Tura on the Tura Guwahati road. It was started in 1982 on a land measuring 30.83 hectares, overlooking the Ganol river which flows from east to west.

  • The site acquired by the Meghalaya Government for the purpose comprised four Nokma Aking plots of land, which was then a dense jungle inhabited by elephants and other wild animals, with thick bamboo growth. The name Goeragre is connected with a legendary Garo warrior - Goera. The name derives from this hero, which actually means the abode of the great sons of Goera (God of Thunder), who are supposed to be camping here with their thunder stick.
  • The pioneering ground work for the Battalion was done by the then West Garo Hills Superintendent of Police, Mr S. Prasad, IPS, who was also Battalion Commandant. He was ably helped by the then Assistant Commandant, Mr. S.G. Momin. It was initially started with a skeleton force of 65 personnel only. Now the strength has risen to 1004, comprising 7 (seven) companies, a band platoon, hospital staff and others. Personnel of 2nd MLP Battalion are deployed all over the State for assisting the district administration in policing duty.
  • A landmark in the history of the Battalion Headquarters was the visit of the Governor, Mr. A.A. Rahim, to the campus on December 11, 1989. It was the first ever visit by a Governor to the Bn. Hqrs when he was warmly received by the staff and personnel of the Battalion. Mr. Rahim also addressed the staff and jawans of the Bn.
  • One of the main tasks of the 2nd MLP Battalion is to impart training to the newly recruited constables. Temporary Katcha barracks have been constructed on self help basis to accommodate the trainees. Till date, 1154 recruit constables from all over the State have successfully passed out from the Training Centre. In addition to the basic training, the Battalion also conducts courses for Gazetted Officers, UBSIs, ASI Instructors, Senior Cadre Courses, Junior Cadre Courses, Advanced Riot Drill courses and Refresher Courses.
  • The Bn. has a properly equipped motor workshop, which has been designated as Range Workshop with a view to catering to the needs of its own fleet of vehicles as well as those belonging to the three districts of Garo Hills. The workshop also has facilities for tyre vulcanizing and rethreading.
  • The Battalion maintains two schools, that is, an English Medium Nursery School and a Garo Medium Lower Primary School. Three teachers have been appointed for the purpose and their salary is met from out of the unit fund. In all, there are about 233 students attending these Schools.
  • A staff Welfare Centre has been functioning in the Battalion since 1985. Through the Centre, bank loans for purchasing sewing machines for the wives of Battalion personnel have been procured by the unit. Necessary training in tailoring is imparted in the unit for the personnel and their family members. Process of getting more such loans is underway.
  • The Battalion has one unit canteen with facilities to buy essential commodities and toiletries (at FCI/CSD rates). The unit has LPG Agency which caters to the needs of the Bn. personnel and their families. The Bn. personnel have also undertaken other welfare activities, on a small scale like fisheries and piggery. A branch of Meghalaya Apex Bank is functioning since 1989.
  • For providing health care facilities to the Battalion personnel and their families, there is a 10 (ten) bedded hospital with isolation ward which has 2 surgeons and nurses and one Dhai. It is equipped with sophisticated surgical instruments and also facilities for DPT/BCG/Polio vaccinations for children of the Bn. personnel.
  • With a view to protecting the available land of the Battalion campus from soil erosion and giving proper landscape to the site, a massive tree plantation and soil conservation programme has been taken up in the Battalion. These include planting of both fruit bearing and ornamental trees. Battalion personnel also took part in social forestry programme by helping to plant trees all along the roadside upto Rongkhon. The Honour Park has a children’s enclosure, with merry-go-round, swing, see-saw and other recreational facilities.
  • Ring wells have been constructed in the campus to enable the Battalion personnel to draw water as the existing water supply by the PHE is not sufficient. Further, water is also drawn from the Ganol river.
  • In addition to their normal duties, the services of the Bn. personnel have been utilized for helping people in times of natural calamities and other dire needs. During 1983 and 1985 when heavy monsoons affected the entire Garo Hills snapping road communication by sweeping away the bridge over river Ganol, the Battalion personnel came to the rescue of the affected people. They did a commendable job to clear heaps of earth from the road and helped transport the stranded passengers. The Bn. personnel also donated blood to the needy and sick people.
  • To inculcate in the minds of the trainees and battalion personnel, a spirit of competition and sportsmanship, various competitions in the field of sports and games, both indoor and outdoor, have been organised from time to time. The Battalion football team has been participating in all major tournaments of the District and has been winning laurels every year. In order to provide entertainment to the force and their family members, Video and 16 mm films are being screened every now and then in the Battalion’s Community hall.
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