West Khasi Hills, Nongstoin

West Khasi Hills District

  • West Khasi Hills District is sandwiched between East Khasi Hills and East Garo Hills Districts. It is somewhat a centrally located District of Meghalaya. The District covers an area of about 5,247 Sq. Kms and has a population of about 2,94,000. Nongstoin is the District Hqrs, while Mairang and Mawkyrwat are the two civil Sub-Divisions of the district.
  • People living in this District are mostly Khasis. Their favorite traditional festival is "Shad Suk Mynsiem" (dance of a joyful heart) which is generally celebrated during April each year. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people. Coal mining is carried out mostly at Shallang and Borsora areas. However, coal mining is also carried out in a minor scale at Maweit and Rambrai. Besides coal mines, the District is also blessed with uranium which was discovered at Phudkylleng-Pyndensohiong located in Mawthabah and Nongbah Jynrin village which is about 65 Kms away from Nongstoin.
  • Like other Districts of Meghalaya, West Khasi Hills has a number of places of historical and tourist importance, near Nongum village, about 65 Kms from Nongstoin, there is a big dome of solid granite rock called "Kyllang Rock". At Jakrem village, about 58 Kms from Nongstoin, there is a mineral water hot spring. Between Mawduh and Byrki villages there is a river island called "Nongkhnum Island which is 18 Kms away from Nongstoin with an area of about 35 Sq Kms. The Island has two waterfalls namely "Kshaid Thum Thum" and "Kshaid Weinia". A religious festival is celebrated every year around March or April at Nolikata village which is about 160 Kms from Nongstoin, in which thousands of people from Bangladesh also take part. However, the same has been stopped by the Government as it involves illegal entry. Ranikor which is situated in the same area is an ideal angling spot.
  • The actual strength of Police force in the District consists of 116 UB, 107 AB and 30 FS personnel under the control of the Superintendent of Police. He is assisted by the Dy. SP (Hq), SDPO Mairang and SDPO Mawkyrwat in his day to day work.
  • Investigation of cases is being supervised by Circle Inspector, East, Mawkyrwat, Circle Inspector, West, Nongstoin and Circle Inspector, Mairang Circle. There are 4 (four) Police Stations, 6 (six) Out Posts, 2(two) Police Check Posts, 1 (one) Land Custom Station, 1 (one) Anti-Dacoity Camp, 1(one) Interstate Batallion Camp and 1(one) Interstate Border Wing Home Guard Camp. All P/Ss and O/Ps have been linked by VHF and HF sets for communication. The average registration of cases in the District is in the vicinity of 150 per year. Fire & Emergency Services is functioning from Nongstoin, Mairang and Mawkyrwat stations. Shortly, F&ES will start functioning from Sonapahar and a temporary F&ES station is functioning from Shallang OP.
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