Meghalaya Police Training School, Mawroh, Shillong

  • The Meghlaya Police Training School near Golf Links, Shillong was establishedon April 18, 1977 in an old three storied building meant for Grade-IV Secretariat Employees, since handed over to the Police Department with the aim of impartingBasic Training to Unarmed Branch Constables, Assistant Sub Inspector and Sub-inspector of Police.
  • Basic Training for Sub Inspectors was discontinued from the year 1988 with the establishment of the North Eastern Police Academy (N.E.P.A.), Umsaw.
  • With the abolishment of the post of Assistant Sub Inspectors, the institute imparts Basic Training Course only for UB Constables besides the Training in Drill and Discipline for Recruit Operator Constables and Firemen.
    • Total number of Basic Training Batches upto 2014 - 37
    • Total number of recruits trained upto March 2015 :-
    • UB Constable - 2180
    • Operator - 118
    • Firemen - 141
    • UBASI - 160
    • UBSI - 140 (upto 1987)
  • The institution also runs several in-service training courses from the level of Constable to Additional S.P. The in-service training courses ranges from refresher courses, induction courses, computer appreciation/CCTNS PTS (DTC), community policing, gender sensitization human rights and other specialized courses. A course on Accounts, Audit and Procedure is also conducted for the benefit of ministerial staff.
    • Total number of in-service courses per year - 29
  • Special courses on Gender sensitization, HIV/AIDs awareness programmes etc are conducted along with prominent NGO’s of the state.
  • Imparting training to personnel of other departments namely, Excise Department, District Council Enforcement staff etc.
  • Initially, the institute was started with 1 (one) Principal and 1 (one) UB Inspector, 3 (three) UB Sub-Inspectors, 4 (four) Havildars, 10(ten) AB Constables, 1 (one) UD Assistant, 1 (one) LD Assistant-cum-Typist, 2 (TWO) Cooks, 1 (One) Water Carrier, Sweeper and a Barber.
  • Subsequently, the School was expanded with the sanction of additional posts and the strength of the staff has increased to its present strength as follows : -

Executive Staff

Principal Asstt. Principal UBI ABI UBSI ABSI Hav NK LNk Const
1 1 3 1 4 1 8 2 10 32

Follower Staff

Barber Sweeper Cook Mali Dhobi Tailor Water carrier Cleaner
3 3 5 1 2 2 1 1

Ministerial Staff

UD Assistant LD Assistant-cum-typist Steno
2 1 1
  • The services of serving and retired senior police officers, members of NGO’s, Advocates and other prominent citizens arc invited and engaged to deliver lectures during the conduct of sensitization and specialized taming courses for the benefit of the trainees and greater interest of the Meghalaya Police. The guest lecturers are paid a guest lecture fee as per Government rate of Rs. 500/- per lecture.
  • Beginning with Shri D. Diengdoh, APS as the first Principal, the Police Training School has so far had 28 incumbents in succession, including those who held the post more than once.
  • Staff and trainees of the Police Training School are being accommodated in building available on the campus in the nearby buildings made available to the Police Training School While some buildings were constructed by the PWD between 1964 and 1982, others were constructed by thc MGCC between 1982 and 1990.
  • The main campus accommodates the Principal’s and Assistant Principal’s offices, welfare canteen (CPC), Reserve office, General office , Library, CDI’s office, ‘Q’ stores, classrooms, RCs’ barracks, and guard room in one portion. The other portion house the other RC’s barrack, dining hall, gymnasium, store, carpenter’s workshop, instructor’s mess and sanitary facilities.
  • 3 (three) 4 unit RCC building constructed by the Meghalaya Government Construction Corporation in 1985 (2 in PTS campus and 1 in MPRO Complex) are being used as family quarters. Assam type quarters for 14 (fourteen) families handed over by the Excise Department since 1987, are also being used for family accommodation of 1 (one) UB Inspector, 1 (one) AB Inspector, 2 (two) Sub-Inspectors and 10 (ten) Constables.
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