West Jaintia Hills District ::: Headquarter - Jowai

  • Jaintia Hills District lies at the eastern most corner of Meghalaya. It covers an area of about 3819 Sq. Kms and has a population of about 2,95,000. Jowai is the Headquarters of the District and there are two Civil Sub-Divisions, namely, Khliehriat and Amlarem.
  • Majority of the people living in the Jaintia Hills District are Jaintias or Pnars. Most of them are agriculturists and coal mining is another thriving occupation. Their popular festival is “BEHDEINGKHLAM” (driving away plague) which is celebrated generally during July every year. Laho dance is one of their traditional dances, where men and women take part to the beat of drums and music. This dance had once earned second place in the country’s Republic Day celebrations at New Delhi.
  • Jaintia Hills district has a number of places and monuments of historical and tourist importance. Thadlaskein village, which is 10 kilometers from Jowai has a beautiful fresh water lake. Legend has it that it was dug by the army of U Sajar Nangli using only the tips of their bows and arrows. At Nartiang village, which is about 30 Kilometres north of Jowai, there are collections of big and erect monoliths. They are the tallest ones ever found in Meghalaya and are believed to have been erected by U Mar Phalangki. About 40 Kilometres on the Jowai Muktapur road, lie the Syndai caves which are also a major tourist attraction.
  • The Executive Police Force of Jaintia Hills District has a sanctioned strength of 227 UB- Constables, 142 AB-Constables and 134 Fire Service Personnel. The Superintendent of Police is overall In-charge of the Force and he is assisted by Deputy Superintendent of Police, (HQ), Jowai and Sub-Divisional Police Officers, of Khliehriat and Amlarem Sub-Division.
  • There are 3(three) Circle Inspectors in the District, Circle Inspector (West) Jowai, supervises investigation of cases in the Sadar Sub-Division. Circle inspector (Amlarem) supervises cases in Amlarem Sub-Division and Circle Inspector (East), Khliehriat supervises investigation of cases in Khliehriat Sub-Division.
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