IGP (Trg & Armed Police 5)

Office of the Commandant :: 5th Battalion Meghalaya Police, (3rd IRBN)
Samgong, Williamnagar, East Garo Hills (STD Code-03658) with Headquarter at New Delhi

Telephone Directory

Sl no Name Designation Civil Mobile
Office Resi  
1 Shri R.T.G Momin, MPS Commandant, 5th MLP Bn. Samgong, East Garo Hills 220633
2 Shri Shallwist Mallai, MPS Dy. Commandant, 5th MLP Bn, Samgong, Williamnagar     +91-8730994183
3 Shri Bolaram Kundu, MPS Asstt. Commandant, 5th MLP Bn, Samgong, Williamnagar     +91-9436337508
4 Shri Steward G. Momin, MPS Asstt. Commandant , 5th MLP Bn.
attached to O/o IGP (TAP), Shillong
5 Shri Banteilang Kharjana, MPS Asstt. Commandant     +91-8974599166
6 Shri Marbin B. Marak, MPS Asstt. Commandant     +91-8575229980
7 Shri Ialanlad Kharkongor, MPS Asstt. Commandant attached to NEPA     +91-8131928336
8 Shri Balbahadur Biswakarma, MPS Asstt. Commandant      
9 Shri Apchendro M Marak, MPS Asstt. Commandant      
10 Shri Duhai Lange Bareh, MPS Asstt. Commandant      
11 Shri Pralad M. Sangma UB-Inspector, 5th MLP Bn.     +91-9862256165
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