Earthquake Safety and Preparation

Standard Operating Procedures for Emergency Response

  1. In the event of any Emergency, Calamity or Disaster, the under mentioned Standard Operating Procedures will be followed
  2. Members of the public including in and out station personnel from this Directorate can pass any information relating to an emergency to a Gazetted Officer of this Directorate.
  3. The information will be relayed to the Duty Officer at Mawdiangdiang. Available manpower, vehicles, equipment at Mawdiangdiang will then be mobilized to respond to the emergency
  4. Available Senior Officers including the Medical Officer and his Staff should also be prepared to move at short notice.
  5. Reserve Rescue Equipment will also be issued to the Central Training Institute for utilizing such equipment for Emergency Response.
  6. Concerned Deputy Commissioners and Superintendents of Police will also be informed of the movement of the Emergency Response unit.
  7. Depending on the emergency, Commander, Border Wing Home Guards Battalion and Commandant, Central Training Institute, Civil Defence & Home Guards, are authorized to utilize Manpower, Vehicles and Rescue Equipment available at Mawdiangdiang without waiting for further clearance from any quarter, with intimation to senior officers available at Headquarters, Shillong
  8. Commandant, Central Training Institute, Civil Defence & Home Guards and Commander Border Wing Home Guards Battalion, in consultation with each other, will detail, Duty Officers round the clock and ensure that at least 30 persons including a Driver are available at Civil Defence Headquarters at Mawdiangdiang for Emergency Response
  9. Contact Number of Duty Officers should be given, to the Deputy Controller, Civil Defence, Shillong and the In-charge, Meghalaya Secretariat Guards, Shillong
  Sd/-Director General,
Civil Defence & Home Guards
Meghalaya, Shillong