(L) Raymond Phillip Diengdoh, MPS, Dy. SP

Raymond DiengdohOn the 6th November, 2007, about seven to ten cadres of the banned militant outfit armed with AK-47/AK-56 Rifles, hand grenades and explosives had setup a camp deep in the jungle near village Paham Umdoh under Byrnihat Out Post, bordering Assam.

Ashoka ChakraWithout a thought for his personal safety, Shri Raymond Phillip Diengdoh, MPS, Dy. SP, Ri-Bhoi District leading his men, burst into the militant camp and commanded the cadres to surrender. The militants, instead, opened fire on the assault party. Shri Diengdoh returned the fire and shot dead one of the militants. However, Shri Diengdoh was struck by a bullet just below his left shoulder and was gravely wounded. Disregarding his injuries and without bothering about his condition.

Shri Diengdoh exhibited utmost bravery and continued to lead the assault party. He along with his 2(two) Personal Security Personnel succeeded in nabbing 2(two) senior cadres of the HNLC militants. Even though the officers pleaded with him that he should be rushed to hospital, Shri Diengdoh continued to chase the militants till he collapsed and become unconscious.

Shri Diengdoh was posthumously awarded with India's highest Gallantry Award Ashoka Chakra announced during Independence Day 2008 for his Gallant Act.