Protect yourself from investment fraud
Advisory issued in public interest

Be aware :

An investment fraud is an act or omission which is intended to cause wrongful gain to a person(s) and wrongful loss to the other (s) either by way of concealment of facts or otherwise.

Remember :

  • Any scheme promising to offer financial promises or returns or spectacular profits that sound too good to be true but are very risky but as no one can offer returns which are above market returns. The offers of doubling or tripling of your money in short time could be a fraud.
  • During personal visit by a salesperson to you he may switch paperwork or try to persuade you to make a different investment.
  • Anyone promising to pay you interest rate higher than current market rate or making promise of extraordinary multiplication of your money in short time can be a fraud.
  • Invest only in financial institutions or banks approved by the Reserve Bank of India, not in any other.
    Make payment of your investment transaction only by cheque and insist on proper receipt.

Do :

  • Make a visit to the company or its branch where you intend to invest and make enquiry how the company can give you the assured extraordinary high returns on your investment.
  • Understand the past performance of the company and the people behind it.
  • Be-ware of vaguely described business.

Ask :

your attorney, accountant, stockbroker, financial advisor, and discuss options with friends and family.

Read and understand :

Terms & conditions of the offer before you invest.

Beware :

The company that offers high investment returns under cover of some insurance schemes and often through word of mouth approach.

For immediate help, contact the nearest police station or police outpost or email to SSP (CID), Shillong in Email: