1st Meghalaya Police Battalion, Mawiong, Shillong

Unit Hospital

Sanction Strength

The Unit Hospital of this unit is not only catering to the need of the Bn personnel and their families but also to the general public around Mawiong. The Nursing Constable who are given basic nursing training are also deployed in remote areas where Bn personnel are deployed to give medical treatment to the Bn personnel. In addition to this, they also give medical attention to the people around the camp where no proper medical facilities are available.

The Unit Hospital offers the following facilities :-

Outdoor Patient :
Services is extended to all the Battalion personnel and their families and also treatment to local public including emergency cases are offered. The average attendance daily is about 30 -50 patient.

Indoor :
Having a capacity of 20 (twenty) beds for the Police personnel only. Serious cases are referred to the various Hospital in Shillong

Supplies of Medicines :

The Medicines that are available at present are mostly common items. Antibiotics and life saving drugs Paracetamol, cough syrup, anti diarrhea APD etc.

The Medicines are being purchased from Govt. approved firm with the approval of the Police Headquarter. Injection I/V Drip and other life saving drugs are purchased locally with prior approval of the Commandant and the expenditure is met from the monthly contribution by all personnel of 1 MLP.