Criminal Investigation Department, Meghalaya, Shillong

Subject to the general control of the Director General and Inspector General of Police, the administration of CID is vested in the Addl. Director General of Police, CID. The Addl. Director General of Police, CID is assisted by Inspector General of Police, CID, Dy. Inspector General of Police, CID/ACB/Vig, Spl. Superintendent of Police, (CID), Superintendent of Police, SCRB, Dy. Superintendent of Police, CID & ACB including other non-gazetted staff.

CID performs the following functions :-

  • Investigation of complicated cases or organized crime extending over two or more districts.
  • Institution of confidential enquiries into matters of general interest under the direction of the Director General and Inspector General of police or the State Government.
  • Co-operating with the Criminal Investigation Department of other States and exchanging with them information on inter-State Crime and Criminals.
  • Collection of Statistics relating to Crime and Criminals and submission thereof to the Director General and Inspector General of Police, the State Government and other authorities as and when required.
  • Giving expert legal advice or guidance n matters referred to it by Superintendents of Police in charge of districts.
  • Publication of the Criminal Intelligence Gazette every month containing information on matters of general interest affecting the prevention and detection of crime.
  • Maintaining Narcotic Cell.
  • Maintaining Photographic Cell.
  • Maintaining, Law and Research Cell.
  • Maintaining Dog Squad.
  • Maintaining Juvenile Guidance Bureau.
  • Keeping Liaison with the Forensic Science Laboratory and other Organization and Departments of the State and the Central Governments, reference to which may be required to be made for purposes of investigation or with organizations dealing with Juvenile Crime, Probation, after care, etc.
  • Carrying out such other functions as may be assigned to it by Director General and Inspector General of Police or the State Government.

Different Units of CID :- The State CID comprises the following Units.

  • Cell-I - Record Cell.
  • Cell-II - Specialized Cell
  • Cell-III - Investigation Cell
  • Cell-IV - Man Power Management / Reserve Branch.
  • Cell-V - Human Rights Cell.
  • Cell-VI - Overall Coordination both intra and Inter office.
  • Cell-VII - Anti Corruption Branch.
  • Cell-VIII - S.R. Cell.

Staff Selections : Tenure, Training

  • There is no separate direct recruitment of the executive staff of the CID. All such staff forms part of the general Police force. The posting of executive staff to the CID made by picking up suitable persons from out of the general Police force after consulting ADGP(CID) and Inspector General of Police, CID and the Deputy Inspector General of Police, CID. The candidates for CID is expected to possess experience in the investigation work and proved their capability in the same. They are expected to be well educated, alert, intelligent and possess is requisite experience in carrying out investigation in complicated cases.
  • No definite tenure of service is fixed for posting in the CID. But ordinarily it ranges for a continuous period of 3 years for SI and 5 years for Inspectors. Those who have proved their capability in the CID work are allowed to continue in the CID beyond this period. Criminal Investigation duties constitute a highly specialized job and frequent change is avoided.
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