• Crime Stopper is an Information Sharing System which facilitates sharing information with the Police without disclosing the informant's identity. Citizens are welcome to share information about crime and criminals over telephone or through this Website to help prevent and detect crime. Identity of such informants will never be disclosed.
  • An efficient Information Collection System is the lifeline of any Police department. Prevention and detection of crime mainly depend on the information received by the Police from the public. There are concerned citizens who would like to share information about crime that is imminent or has already taken place or about criminals or suspected criminals but cannot bring themselves to do so because of fear of being exposed. As a result, they keep information to themselves.
  • On occasions when the informants do come to the Police to share information, they complain of being treated with suspicion and subjected to hostile questioning by the Police. Sometimes, informants are exposed to criminals, thereby endangering their lives and properties. such unfortunate experiences prevent the Public from sharing information with the Police.